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Haya Graetz-Ran – Landscape With No Horizon

2000 | Artist statement

Touching a fracture of a dream, those individuals – those women, who made up that dream, I present the other side, the disillusionment from the utopian ideal, the helplessness and the loss of faith.
The methods of perception and of dealing (with the photographs I worked by) are feminine. The works are the construction of reality. The voices emanating from my works originate from different viewpoints: the girl, the wife, the mother, the castrating voice, the stern voice, the feminist voice. What brings all these voices together is my presence within them.
Most of the figures that were drawn, addresses an inseparable part of my life, or with which a real empathy was created.  I address the way society view the woman. I do not want to stumble in what was defined until now as feminine characteristics, which are of course, stereotypes.
The theorist Helene Cixous says that the woman must “write herself”, and invent her own language. In my art I examine the connection between the tempting and the beautiful, the suffering and pain and the paradox between them. The objects chosen by me are more symbol than material. They are perceived by me as a warning, as a testimony of destruction, remnants of demise (the pillows).

The vessels are essentially feminine, womb-like. Objects that were discarded and abandoned, became platforms posing questions about femininity, suffering, violence (works on breadboards).
I ask questions, I have no answers.

Haya Graetz-Ran
December 2000